Worl Cleanup Day

In more than 150 countries around the world, women, men and children have rolled up their sleeves to clean up beaches, shorelines and plastic-affected land as close as possible to home. A true citizen’s day, the World Clean Up Day concerns mainly associations, communities, schools and citizens. In Africa, specifically in Benin and Brazil, several youth organizations (NGOs JEVEVJCI-BeninINOVA in Brazil) have therefore decided to take action and invite as many people as possible to come with their gloves and garbage bags to clean up seaside, lake or plastic dirty areas.  Theobjective of WORLD CLEANUP DAY is to combine all energies around a universal project existing since 2008 and to generate a global awareness on the issue of litter.

In Benin, about fifteen activities were carried out by the team of the NGO JEVEV for this world cleaning day and among them the eco-citizen action at the large market of the municipality of DANGBO in Benin.

The global operation also echoed throughout the city of Sao Paulo, particularly in the areas of LiberdadeBela VistaPlaca da Sé…………. thanks to the INOVA team and its partners including the Brazilian government. Elders, active people or young people, more than fifty people responded to the invitation for this major clean-up operation, which was relayed to the four corners of the world.

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